American Lit · Crime fiction · Thrillers

The Twenty Three by Linwood Barclay 

“If I die, I die,” 

This book is about how a town is affected when their water supply is tainted and results in the deaths of many of its residents. As is quickly seen, the town has its own tensions and contentions within it.

This book, while at least readable, doesn’t give much more than the standard mystery / thriller novel. It was also the third book in a series , so referenced earlier books plenty of times. My fault for not starting at Book 1 I suppose.

While there were certainly a colourful cast of characters within the book , it was all too often traded up for huge amounts of exposition as is often seen with most thriller novels.

Despite this, there were plenty of twists and turns to keep the book going to its end. It certainly shows that even with quiet little towns, there will still be plenty of secrets within it.

While I’m glad that I’ve finished reading this book, it really hasn’t enthused me to read the other books in the trilogy, at least not right away.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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